About Us

smpclogoThe Southwest Michigan Planning Commission (SWMPC) serves Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties as one of fourteen regional planning and development organizations in the State of Michigan. The mission of the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission is to promote a sustainable, high quality of life through the facilitation of sound planning and decision-making. 

The SWMPC is committed to facilitating the development of intergovernmental cooperation and coordination within our region and with our neighboring regions. The SWMPC specializes in providing data, information, maps, and technical assistance for planning and grant writing in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties. The major program areas include transportation, economic development, community planning, and natural resource protection.

About Organizational Orbits

When individuals from diverse affiliations collaborate, each collaborator’s priorities, purpose, and motivations are usually not well articulated. When individuals collaborate, achieving a successful result happens when the actions of the collective simultaneously realize the individual priorities of the collaborators. If collaborators could clearly understand the priorities, purpose, and motivations of their fellow collaborators, then they would increase the likelihood of a mutually successful result. Therefore, a better way of articulating individual priorities and presenting them yields a better result. Organizational Orbits, a data visualization of business leaders in Southwest Michigan and their shared skills and interests, is our solution to help teams in our area better collaborate.